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The Hive Team

Get to Know Us

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Anne Blair

Owner / Yoga and Nia Teacher / Artist

Anne is the owner of The Hive and makes this all possible. She took her first yoga class in 1990, has been making mosaics for over twenty years, and dancing Nia since 2014. She loves that all of these practices involve “being present in the moment,” a kind of meditative vacation that is always close by.
She sold work at festivals, including the Fremont Solstice Fair, Olympia Harbor Days, and the ARTrails Spring Arts Expo before the pandemic, and stepped into the Nia White Belt and Nia Green Belt trainings during COVID’s quarantine.
Creating The Hive has been a way to reconnect with community and share these passions in the same space. The Hive is a safe and joy-filled space for movement and creativity.

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